Privacy Policy

SnoreWizard has a Privacy Policy which aims to clarify to users of the SnoreWizard website, product and service how their information will be collected and potentially used. Please take care to read over all of this information before using the Snore Wizard service.

By consenting to use the SnoreWizard website and/or service you acknowledge and agree to our Terms and Conditions, of which this Privacy Policy is a component.

You consent that SnoreWizard may collect information about you from our website but this information will only identify who you are if you provide us with your details (for example, if you provide us with your contact details). When you visit our website our web server collects the following types of information for statistical purposes: your internet service provider’s address; the number of users who visit the website; the date and time of each visit; the pages accessed; and the type of browser used. No attempt is made to identify individual users from this information. This is a routine practice; many websites collect this information and the information will only be disclosed if required to do so by law or it complies with a legal process.

SnoreWizard may use your information to allow us to improve our marketing and promotional communications in order to better meet your needs. We will not however, sell or lease your personally identifiable information on to any third parties.

However, SnoreWizard will cooperate with all law enforcement and/or legal enquiries and with all third parties to enforce intellectual and other property rights. Such enquiries may require disclosure of your personally information. We can, and by use of the service you authorise us to, disclose any information about you to law enforcement and other government officials as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate.

If you use the internet to communicate with us, you should be aware of the risks in transmitting information over the internet. SnoreWizard does not have control over information while in transit over the internet and we cannot guarantee its security. Therefore, any information made available by you through the service is done with your full understanding that SnoreWizard is in no way responsible for any possible invasions of your privacy which may result from these disclosures. Any personal information that we no longer require is destroyed. An exception to this may be where records are retained to comply with legal requirements. SnoreWizard reserves the right to incorporate changes or modifications to this Privacy Policy, which shall be effective upon posting.


***Please note this is an overview of our Privacy Policy; you may obtain our full Privacy Policy on request.***