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SnoreWizard is an instantly effective aid to stop you snoring.   A complete solution to remedy sleepless nights - we guarantee it!


SnoreWizard is an instantly effective anti-snoring device and a proven solution to remedy sleepless nights. Designed by dentists and recommended by doctors worldwide, it is clinically proven to stop snoring!

Unlike other similar devices, SnoreWizard works without fitting, is made of a flexible frame for comfort, allows you to breathe naturally through your mouth, is very easy to clean and comes with a 45-day money back guarantee! 

how it works

Snorewizard works by effectively reducing or completely eliminating the vibrations in the throat tissues.


Our Guarantee

Snorewizard works so successfully that we guarantee it will work for you. If it doesn't, simply return it and we'll send you a full refund.


What our customers say

Having tried strips, creams and a 'boil' type of in-mouth device, none of which reduced my snoring, I can happily say that the Snore Wizard worked 'straight out of the box'. Although I did experience a small level of discomfort and 'dry mouth', it was worth it to be able to once again sleep next to my wife instead of in another room. I can highly recommend 'Snore Wizard'”

– Jeff C.

"I have purchased these many times for my husband and brilliant, he has tried other brands but nothing works like the Snore Wizard, I get a great night sleep not having to listen to him snorting all night and he sleeps really peacefully"

– Anne B.

"I have been enjoying better sleep since I found & decided to try the snore wizard mouth guards. I hired a cpap machine for a few weeks and found I got hardly any sleep. I now find that I can hardly go to bed/sleep without it"

– Steve W.

“These are the third Wizards I have purchased. Not only have they stopped my snoring but have solved my sleep apnea symptoms as well. In the 3 years I have been using the Wizzard I have not had one occurrence. Previously apnea attacks were a nightly event.”

– Patricia B.

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Snorewizard Anti Snoring Device - 2 Pack
Snorewizard Anti Snoring Device - 1 Pack Snorewizard Anti Snoring Device - 2 Pack

Made in special soft feel plastic it moves the lower jaw slightly forward opening up the airway at the back of the throat.  This allows natural breathing through mouth.

Ready to use and no fitting needed.  Money back satisfaction guarantee.